Sunday, July 26, 2015

Welcome freedom!

Meet my little pink Dexcom. This little device, is truly AMAZING! Type 1 Diabetes just got easier to manage at my little home… because of this device. It is a continuous glucose monitor, that tracks interstitial glucose levels every 5 minutes, giving you a graph of how your blood glucose levels are trending, and going. In simplest terms, this means that I can achieve tighter control of my diabetes with less effort. I no longer have to check my glucose levels 20 times a day, the graph tells me where its going, and what it has been doing. I plug it into the computer and it downloads graphs, trends, and tons of numbers my Physician can use to modify my medication needs. It has a lovely App that my husband can use to check how I am doing from anywhere- giving him peace of mind when he travels. The app will also alarm, just as my dexcom does, when my blood sugar levels are below normal, and also when they are above the parameters I have set.

It's truly amazing! I've had it 3 weeks and I can't imagine life without it. Because of the peace of mind it give me, my glucose control is already better. I no longer get anxious when I exercise because I can see if I am dropping instead of feel a crash and binge on juice to try to bring it back up. If i have to run into the store- I don't have to pack "hermoine's handbag" with me, I can run in and not worry.

This is technology at its finest :)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A post from the past.

I had this post hidden in my "drafts" folder, and thought that it should be shared. Part of the reason is, it explains a tiny bit of what I have been dealing with for the past 7 months. I don't know why I never posted it- but here is


Ok, So I started a post at the beginning of the year, and tried to promise that I would blog more.. yeah. That Didn't happen. Why? Well, number one I am busy. Number two- I start a blog, think it doesn't make sense, worry that it doesn't make sense, and say "to heck with it, no one reads this thing anymore anyway."  I then take a break from blogging for years at a time, and wish when I come across a blog I ABSOLUTELY ADORE that I would have blogged more.

So what's been going on lately? Let me just fill you in on the last 30 days. My brain has a hard enough time remembering that far :)

I started Yoga. -Insert pretty pose here-
In an effort to ground myself, become more flexible, and shed some of the (I've been married and too busy to care about what I look like) weight. I need to get back to where I was when I was actively studying martial arts, I can't just dive into it, because I don't want injuries...hence, a great friend of mine invited me to come to a yoga class she takes. After much deliberation, I went. I was nervous, but excited at the same time. Let me just cut to the chase- I was made much less nervous when I found that the Yoga instructor is also my Martial Arts instructor's sister! Yup, I knew her already! So anyway, I've been going for about the last month- and even though I have frustrations with it, and hate it a good chunk of the time (this will be a completely different post) I still go, and I still deep down, LOVE it.

I went to a breath work class last Thursday... I have never done anything like that, but in an effort to help with my lymphedema, and also in further grounding myself and finding a deeper meditation, I tried it. HOLY CRAP IT WAS WIERD!!!! Again, this will be in another post...

What I really wanted to discuss was what happened after the breath work class…

It was about 9:00pm when the breath work class ended. it had been raining, and snowing a tiny bit while I was held up in that oh so very interesting class- the roads however, were clear, and I wasn't nervous. I was too hyped up from trying to process what had just happened for the last two hours. I said my goodbyes to those that I knew, grabbed my blanket and pillow (Required for the class) and headed to the Jeep. John and I usually talk on the phone whenever I am headed to or from somewhere- especially if it is in an area that I don't normally travel. I quickly called him (I have a headset, no laws are broken here) and started explaining the events that just took place. As I got closer to home the snow started to fall again, and quite a bit harder. No worries, I am in the Jeep and it does GREAT in bad weather. On my way home from Yoga, I usually turn onto North Temple from 300 W, right where the Overpass and the Trax Station are. I headed the same direction from this class. Up until this point this has never been an issue, although this was pretty much the first storm of the year. As I got closer to this area, I heard myself say "don't turn here, go a different way." Of course, being that I was so involved in the story that I was telling, I didn't listen.  I turned onto North Temple and was immediately hit with ice, lots and lots of ice. I slowed right down and tried to breathe. Still talking to John, I figured I would be just fine. I advanced up the overpass, and immediately slid into the cement barrier. I shrieked and told  John what was happening as my heart began to race and my hands clenched the steering wheel as tight as they could- like that was going to save me. I corrected myself, and slowly moved forward, making sure i stayed in my lane and straight. Things were going fine and BAM! I was hit from behind, knocking me forward and sliding, back into the cement barrier. There was nothing I could do, but try to keep straight, as I slid down the hill. Cars behind me hitting each other, which eventually sent the one that hit me originally back into the side of me. I kept hitting the cement barrier, and hoping that things were going to turn out fine. I looked in the lane next to me, and cars were sliding down it backwards. This was bad. John said that I was screaming on the phone, and he told me to calm down, and he would be right there. I don't know how long it took him to get there, All I know is there were 6 cars involved, and I was hit, several times. The result was, Back Sprain, Concussion, Whiplash, Memory Loss, and lots and lots of rehab for all of it. I am so blessed that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. There were accidents everywhere that night- I am also so very blessed that our Jeep was fine, except for some minor repairs.

7 months later, I am still dealing with the head injury this accident caused. I have something called Post Concussive Syndrome, which involved headaches that never go away, slowed speech, and memory loss. It's not horrible though- most people wouldn't even notice, unless you know me well. The worst of it happens when I am overtired, stressed, excited, or my blood glucose level is elevated. Other than that,  I am pretty good. I am not cleared for martial arts yet, but thankfully am cleared for Yoga- as long as it isn't some of the really crazy stuff.
All l know, is I am truly blessed!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Well…Hello Blog….


so I think blogging is no longer a "thing" for most everyone. Sad thing is, I LOVE reading other people's blog posts!!! I know it should inspire me to continue in my own blogging journey….but let's face it. I get busy and focused on everything else in life..and this poor blog goes untouched. So… to all of my blogging friends, Here I ask you to take a moment once a month, to dust off the keys, and SAY SOMETHING. (seriously it will feed my addiction) And I in return will try to do the same ;)

There is more to tell… I am working on all of that Right…NOW!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another year has gone by...

Ha ha!

I used to harp on my sister for not blogging, because I absolutely LOVE reading her stuff! I don't think I can harp on her anymore- she has actually posted stuff before me now. I would be lying if I said that I was waiting for her to start blogging again before I did. We could always pretend though *wink wink*

A lot has happened in a year I must admit... Some day maybe I will try to catch it all up- but today is probably not going to be that day. Just know, that it has been filled with happy moments, very sad moments, knee surgery, and trying to stay sane  :)

One of the great things that has happened though- John and I finally met with our bishop. We have been in the ward for over a year and a half and and it is still like we are strangers to everyone. Honestly getting asked if you are new almost every Sunday gets a little old. Are we that invisible???

I have been struggling with the fact that I don't feel a part of the ward. I feel like I am not contributing because I don't have a calling. I came from a ward where it wasn't uncommon for me to have multiple callings at a time, and I loved it! I explained all of this- and wouldn't you know it, I was extended a call and will be set apart this Sunday :) I can't say what it is yet... just know that it's a calling that feels like home to me :)

Thanksgiving was awesome! Mom always does a super fantastic job with the food- and we were able to have the kids with us for a bit. We ran late getting there because of issues beyond our control, and everyone waited for us- it sure made us feel special! The food was so good, John, Ty and I went back to Mom and Dad's for leftovers last night :) Now it is my turn to fix dinner for them :) Mac and Cheese here they come! Ha ha ha!!!  Seriously, I will try to make something good :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

First post of the year!

Wow, January is almost over and this is the first time I have even touched my blog since... November? So much has gone on, and so much went on last year that I feel like I am still trying to get my head to stop spinning. So far in January we have helped family move, spent $$$ fixing my car, spentntimenwith Ty (I wish Deserae would join us some time too) and I have started teaching martial arts again at West High *insert BIG smiley face here* I don't have very many students as of yet, but I sure do love the ones that are with me right now. I have also decided that this year there will be no "new years resolutions" made by me. They never last and it is a sure fire way for me to fail when I make them. Instead, I have decided that this year is going to be dedicated to making better choices. Whether they are physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional.. I will make a better choice every day, and continue on with those choices. It is a win-win. My lunch break is over and I have to get back to the office... So Leo gnfor now.

Friday, September 23, 2011

February 13, 2010

My 30th birthday. I will forever remember this day… It was one of the most awesome and wonderful days of my life.

For Christmas the year before, Deserae wanted to be treated to a manicure/pedicure. John and I discussed it, and thought it would be a great “girls day” activity, and so it was promised that we would have it done for her Christmas, and my Birthday. Because of weather and timing, my actual birthday became the day.

John came with Deserae and Ty in tow to pick me up from my parents’ home. It was kind of a bleak morning, as the clouds kept threatening rain. Neither one of us girls really knew what to expect for this lovely treat… Deserae was not all that into girly stuff and well, I had never thought about having this type of stuff done. We headed to the Mirage Day Spa in Salt Lake, on the way discussing which colors would end up on our fingers and toes. The place looked great, and with that we bid farewell to the boys, and sent them on their way to do whatever boys do. As Deserae and I sat with are feet in water and massagers running up and down our backs, one of the beauticians came in with Flowers and jewelry for us. What a sweetheart John is! I wish he could have been there to see the look on her face. . . Her smile was priceless and warmed my heart! We laughed and giggled and chatted with the girls that were assigned to fix our poorly kept feet. Once the color was put on our toes, and those weird flip flops were in place, we headed over to get our hands massaged, and nails painted. Looking back, I think it would have been smarter for them to do our hands first…and I believe one of the ladies even mentioned that… bad on their part! We chose our colors and let the painting begin.

John and Ty came to pick us up, and pay for the stuff…by the time we got to the door to leave, it was raining pretty nicely! My sweetheart carried us to the car so that our feet wouldn’t be ruined by the rain. By this time, Ty was starving, and it was time for lunch anyway. We decided KFC would be our dining of choice…quick, easy, and no one complains about KFC ;)On the way to get food, Deserae and John kept passing his phone back and forth, obviously in a very serious conversation that no one else was supposed to see. My curiosity was killing me…but I refrained from saying anything. When we reached my parents home… The nail polish on my hands looked like it was melting off. I hadn’t even touched anything. My conclusion… OLD NAILPOLISH! Mine and Deserae’s toes didn’t look any better either. What a disappointment! We sat down and ate our lunch, then went up to my room, where there were plenty of things for kids to do- Computer, Xbox, Gamecube, T.V. Deserae and John were looking up dogs on KSL classifieds, Ty was playing Lego Starwars, and I sat on my bed soaking it all in. What a beautiful family, I felt so blessed to be a part of their lives on this special day!

As I watched Ty bust through Lego dudes and run all over the place, John asked me to come over to the computer. I looked in his direction and said “what do you need?” Deserae then told me to get my rear-end over there, they wanted to show me something. I went over, as John stood up, and I sat in the chair. I stared at the computer screen wondering what the heck was so important on the main page of Just as I was about to say something, I felt someone turn my chair ever so smoothly toward the door. There John knelt on his right knee, and said: “I love you with all of my heart, and the kids love you too. Will you marry me?” I hugged and kissed him and told him YES!!!! My heart skipped several beats, as I floated in the air. He had FINALLY asked! I had wanted him to ask for ages!

I hugged Deserae, and Ty, and walked into the hallway, emotions so overwhelming I was trying hard not to cry. Deserae came out and said. “so you know this means you are gonna be our mom right? You are okay with that right?” My heart melted even more, my love for them is endless! I don’t think Deserae will ever know how much her question meant to me…I don’t know if she will ever truly understand how much I love her, and how much I love Ty. My love for them is endless! My love for John, knows no bounds either! He is my Peter Pan, and I am his Tinkerbell!

What a gift it was, what a special time. Now each year on my birthday I will remember all those special moments, along with manicures, pedicures, and Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Friday, July 29, 2011

The First Date. . . .

Ok- So this post is a little...LONG! There. You have been warned.

After I finally got off the phone with John, the realization that I had not only given him my email address, I had given him my phone number AND set a date to meet with him. This was not something I ever did. I was instantly concerned with where my judgment or lack thereof. I mean seriously, I had a great conversation with John, but from past history with this particular dating site- there was cause for concern. I decided that it could have been worse- I didn’t tell him where I lived.

The Phone Call:

Monday evening, I get a call from a number I do not recognize. The thought crossed my mind to just let it go to voicemail- but curiosity got the better of me and as I answered.

Date night rolled around on Tuesday. I hurried home from the gym, and run upstairs to shower and get ready. My mom was standing in the kitchen getting stuff ready to can. I raced around upstairs looking for my favorite shirt- and couldn’t find it. Dang! The fear of this date turning out horrible had started to set in. Why did I say I would go? I am tired, I just killed my legs at 24hour Fitness, and now I am going out with someone I have never officially met! I ran back downstairs to the laundry room, my shirt had to be there when mom stops me and says. “so what are your plans tonight?” I am sure she was thinking that I was going to go hang out with my Martial Arts crew…or maybe she was hoping I would offer to help her can the tons of produce that was laying in boxes all over the kitchen. I nonchalantly said. “Oh, I have a date tonight I am trying to get ready for, and I can’t find anything to wear…maybe I shouldn’t go!” With a surprised look on her face she says: “A date! With Who???” me-“ Oh with John. “ With even more surprise in her voice she says “Who’s John?!?!?!” “A guy from online.” I think fear struck her- She has never been thrilled with the whole ‘online’ thing. “How long have you known him? “ Not knowing how to answer this question…I mean, if I said, I started talking to him on Sunday and am meeting him on Tuesday, I think she would want to have my head checked. “We’ve talked for awhile. I’ve gotta go get ready. I am meeting him at Barnes and Noble. “ Leaving her standing in the kitchen with that surprised look on her face …PRICELESS! I love shocking my mom :) It may be mean of me, but man it is fun!

I arrived at Barnes &Noble a little bit later than I had expected. Still on time- but I was hoping to get there early, that way when he walked in I could get a sneak peak  It worked the opposite. As I parked the car, John called. “where are you? “ I told him I would be in the store in a minute, and that I was wearing an orange flowery shirt, and jeans. He says.. “oh, I see you  “ I looked around everywhere, I didn’t see anyone that was talking on the phone or alone. I looked up to the second floor- no one was standing by the railing ...where was he? I started walking toward the middle aisle section, when I cream colored cowboy hat peered up over the shelves. This could be him… I walked past and turned around, and there he was standing in all of his glory in a cowboy hat, dark blue shirt with a small Hawaiian flower where a pocket would be, Wrangler Jeans, and boots that were shinier than the sun. He had a mustache and goatee. I was stunned. Growing up, I used to dream that when I got older, I would date a cowboy. We would meet, he would sweep me off of my feet, and we would move to a place with lots of land, and horses. Here he was, sweeping me off of my feet!

We sat at the little coffee shop and talked for quite some time. I don’t remember all of what we talked about, I was mostly amazed that here was this funny guy, who was actually interested in the things that I had to say, and had driven from Willard UT to meet me. When our rear ends were starting to get sore, we decided to take a walk around the little man made park in the shopping center. As we were headed out, I realized that this could become a very uncomfortable situation very quickly. The jeans I was wearing..well I hadn’t worn them in a while, and they were sliding off of me! With blushed cheeks, I asked if I could stop in Old Navy really quickly, to fix a slight problem. As we entered the store, the mannequins in the middle of the isle became a target of much laughter from me, and lots of weird looks and stares from other people. John had struck up a conversation with these “people” and was telling them they were quite rude for not responding to him. He told the mannequins if he ever saw them again, he would smack them upside the head for being so rude! FUNNY. (to this day I don’t recall him every setting foot inside an Old Navy again.) He picked out a belt for me, and we eventually left the store. Somehow the conversation turned to how much I disliked being carried. He told me that no matter what I did, at some point in the night, he would pick me up. He did. He ran around the whole park with me in his arms. I loved that he did that  Being that we were having so much fun…we decided to go do a little more window shopping, but first we stopped for a Banana split- I have never shared a better banana split with anyone, even if most of it ended up on both of our faces.

Somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00 we were still enjoying ourselves, but running out of things to do. John asked “what else is there to do around here.” My answer of course was “I dunno, we have kind of seen everything in this area.” He then says. “Let’s go say hi to your parents.” What?!!?! You want to meet my parents??? Sure, Why not! I couldn’t believe it, but hey, I REALLY liked him. So, I drove him to my house, pulled in the driveway, and said..” They probably aren’t expecting me to bring you to the house… this could be interesting.” He was up to the challenge. We walked in the front door, and of course my mom was on the phone in the kitchen, still canning, in her purple Mumu. As not to interrupt her too much, we quietly walked in to that lovely kitchen and stood in the doorway, waiting for her to turn around.” As she is talking to my sister, this is what we hear. “well, they must be having a good time, because it is after 9:00 and I still haven’t seen or heard from her.” “ She says she has been talking to him for about 3 months.” (where she got that from I still don’t know) “Oh wait, I think someone is standing behind me, I better go! “ The look on her face as she turned around and said “well hello.” Was PRICELESS!! Twice in one day I surprised my dear sweet mother! Dad and Mom sat in the living room with us for a few minutes and talked, then left us to go finish what they were doing. We hung out on the couch for a while, and then it was time to take John back to his big green truck and head home. We left and as I parked next to the truck that is now called “the Hulk” I thought to myself. “he’s a keeper.” We talked for another 30 minutes before we finally ended the night. It was Amazing! Whether we kissed that night, and who was the one to kiss the other one first is still up for grabs…what I do know is when I returned home again, mom looked at dad and said “I think this one is a keeper.”